mercredi 16 août 2017

Quick look at another Alina fork: XBOT-POS

Edit: In fact after looking at the sample it's a pure copy pasta of Tiny Nuke :) - cd025523e3aec57f809552b9d1adc4b89526cc632f6d4c481aa2c8c3501dda6b

Hi, it's time for a new post. Today I'll try to have a look at the "Team NZMR"
I've found this funny team by hazard on Twitter via the bot @ScumBots I would like to write this little blog post because I think that this is interesting to see an Alina panel behind a .onion domain and as you can see later, I like look at some weird panels :D.
Let's have a look on this server.
As we know, we have an Alina (Well known POS malware) panel at
Samples: 26aa9709d0402157d9d36e4849b1f9bacecd8875169c7f26d7d40c5c0c3de298 (

In the same boring way, we can found:
  • a Fareit/Pony panel at (I don't have sample)
  • an Atmos at :
    Sample e34720cc8ab3718413064f19af5cc704e95661e743293a19f218d3b675147525 (

    Thanks to CCAM we can get 2 new servers used by this team:
Those guys really want your creds and your credit card numbers :D

They also try to deal with ransomware (NZMR Ransomware) at without success...

But I've write this quick blog post for the last panel,
Let me introduce you XBOT panel \o/:
(click to enlarge)

The bot ad:
Selling xbot ,new bank trojan -- Modules -- Webinject -- Formgrabber -- Socket4/5 -- Hidden VNC
New bot bank xbot is available for rent (800$/monthly) -- server on tornetwork/clearnet
Customized programming service and web developer/c/c++/Python/NET/others
Team Coder/NZMR
xbot costs 3k $ modules available >webinject -- formgrabber -- Socket4/5 -- Hidden VNC
When buying xbot what do you get?
You will get the builder,bin/exe+socket.exe/server.exe hvnc
[+] - Free installation on your server in tornetwork or clearnet, you choose
[+] - monthly support paid 100 $ (you choose,with or without support)
[+] - Update bot for new version 400 $
[+] Rent xbot
Panel access (Clearnet/Tornetwork)
Bin (exe)
800 $ monthly (First 6 customers, others 1k $)
Support monthly 100 $ (btc)
I don't have any sample yet but if you have one, i'm REALLY interrested :D.
Thanks to Xylitol this panel looks like a mix between Alina and Dexter. For example the URI scheme "/front/stats.php", the successstatuscode 666 or this page "Version Control":

This panel looks designed for Banking stuff (webinjects) and POS malware.
From XBOT panel you can DL/Exec, Start VNC sessions, socks sessions and update bots:

We can also found some strange "webinjects" stuff:

where "view content" leads to these kinds of data:

Some settings (look at the Alinas 666 status code):

You can also add some bins in the panel database. Currently, they have 8472 Bins in the database.
And finally the bot lists (~600 bots if I trust the bots list).

I've uploaded the whole list of bots on this album. Ping me if you're on the list :D I'm really curious to see the binary part
And finally the database structure reminds again Alina: By this way we will find soon more Alina forks than Zeus forks \o/

So, NOPE! it's not a super new next gen POS malware, it's just another Alina Fork :D but this webinjects part looks curious :) and the team seems very active.
But come one, 3k$ for open sourced malware haha...

Thanks for your time, thanks to Xylitol and happy hunting :)

IOCs: (Alina) (Neutrino) (Atmos) (Alina) (Neutrino (Atmos) (Gorynch) e34720cc8ab3718413064f19af5cc704e95661e743293a19f218d3b675147525 (atmos) 26aa9709d0402157d9d36e4849b1f9bacecd8875169c7f26d7d40c5c0c3de298 (Alina) 8a62f61c4d11d83550ab4baceb9b18d980a4c590723f549f97661a32c1731aff (neutrino)

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